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A few years ago I switched dentists to Dr. Rene Aviles. I walked in for my first appointment with an old mouth guard and some minor issues. The issues were resolved but the best change that occurred was with my mouth guard. I was wearing a bulky, fog colored, outdated mouth piece to prevent me from grinding in my sleep. Dr. Aviles swiftly made me an updated, clear mouth guard which was half the size of the original. I can now actually speak, smile and yes, even kiss if I want to, with my mouth guard in. No more sleepless nights without my night guard, clicking in my sleep or morning headaches because I truly, faithfully, sleep every night with my mouth guard. Every visit I make to Dr. Avile's office my mouth guard gets checked for the proper fit as well as shined up to continue to look its best.

Thank you Dr. Aviles!
Ilene Goldstein, a happy patient

Dear Dr. Aviles:
The bite guard has changed my life! Since I started using the bite guard I no longer experience
facial pain and headaches in the morning. I quickly adjusted to the feel of the guard in my mouth
and now I never go to sleep without it. I now sleep better and awake looking much more rested and
refreshed than before.

Shannon Borrego
Palm City, Florida

Dear Dr. Aviles,
I just wanted to say thank you for suggesting that I get a night-guard in order stop my new and unfortunate habit of grinding my teeth. Ever since I began graduate school, I barely noticed the grinding that was apparently taking place due to heavy loads of stress; however, it was not long before I started getting headaches, and even migraines almost on a daily basis. After visiting several doctors, getting various tests done and giving up what seemed to be half of my body's blood supply, I had no answers. Thankfully, I showed up to your office during the wrong month for a cleaning, and that's when you helped me to realize that just like the rest of my family- I too had become a grinder! It was literally only after several days of wearing my new night-guard that I realized the headaches had completely stopped. So I just wanted to thank you for not only saving my teeth, jawbone, gums, etc....but also for giving me a functional brain back!


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